Term & Conditions

1. Tenants are requested to use furniture & other fittings with utmost care. Otherwise to be held liable for damage.

2. Electrical appliances are not allowed to be used apart from management provided you. If found the management reserves the right to take the appliance into our custody and return while vacating the room.

3. Hostel rental will be paid monthly basis only.

4. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the room after 09:00 PM.

5. Extra guests will be charged Rs. 250/- per day from the tenant.

6. Two month deposit is compulsory.

7. The tenant should give one month notice before vacating the premises if not then the advance amount will not be refunded.

8. Management is not responsible for any loss or damage of valuable things in the room.

9. Incivility or inattention on the part of the staff should be brought to the notice of the management.

10. Pets are not allowed in the hostel.

11. Rent should be paid before 05th (Fifth) of every month.

12. Rent will be calculated within the span of 1st to 31st of every month.

13. Stay will be a period of minimum 6 (six) months if not one month rent will be collected.

14. Tenants are requested to inform the date of departure compulsory before one month in advance to the management.

15. While vacating time the cleaning charge will be charged (Double Sharing Rs. 1000/-) (Single Sharing Rs. 1500/-)

16. Alcoholic drinks / Liquors not allowed inside the hostel if any alcoholic drinks is found in premises then the management has the right to terminate the tenant immediately without any notice.

17. Visitors will not be allowed to meet between 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

18. Cooking is not allowed in the room without management permission.

19. Ladies entry is strictly restricted in boys PG, Gents entry is strictly restricted in girls PG.

20. Customer has to take responsibility for any misusing of water, which will be chargeable.

21. If the tenant opens the door of his room and anything theft or loss happens the management is not responsible.

22. If the government authorities like police or any other officer visit the PG for checking purposes the tenant should cooperate with them.

23. In case of any damage in property by the resident, he / she is solely responsible to pay the bills concerned with its repair.

24. The booking and cancellation money is non-refundable. This agreement is subject to the above terms & conditions.